Hi, thank you for visiting my blog.  I am  an entrepreneur living and working in Mongolia.  I am Founder of Growth Summit Global as well as CEO of Togtokh Trade.  I write about Mongolia, business, personal growth, basketball, and more.

Please read on to find out more about me.

My works and my involvement in the community (highlights)

Drive results – “Yes, we can!”

I am very results-driven.  I enjoy setting targets and reaching them.  I also enjoy overcoming challenges.  I hope that I can take this a step further in becoming very good at helping others achieve and reach their objectives.  As Mr. Zig Ziglar always preach, “you can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

So, shall we work together achieve results?  Feel free to contact me with series offers and ideas.

Positive changes

I’m all for green living and making a positive contribution to family, friends, and the society.  Though I have my hands full, with my startup company, I do think about everyone and everything.  And, I most definitely care about Mongolia.  I really hope the best for the development and growth for Mongolia.  As for US, I don’t have to worry too much, there are enough good things going for it where it will continue on a good path for decades or maybe even centuries to come.

If you have some ideas to make positive changes in the world and make money at the same time, you HAVE TO let me know!   I already support NGO’s and cannot support anymore at this moment, but I am most definitely interested in helping if we can all benefit.  I have to be a little bit capitalist at this point in my life.

A little bit about me…

Mergen Chuluun on a beach
Mergen Chuluun on a beach
  1. I have nearly ten years of experience managing at the executive or owner level between Wagner Asia Automotive, Webguru, Sweet Road, and Business Council of Mongolia.
  2. From 2011-2015, I managed the official Ford and Land Rover import & dealership business as Managing Director of Wagner Asia Automotive, one of five companies from the leading US privately invested companies in Mongolia.
  3. From 2008-2011, I founded and managed my own start-up, the 1st internet marketing agency in Mongolia at Webguru.
  4. I have four years of experience working in financial analysis, with the duties of reporting, overseeing profitability, pricing, business writing, etc
  5. I am a 2003 graduate of 2002 class at College of Business at Colorado State University (stayed extra year to pick up an additional degree in Finance)
  6. I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, snowboarding, and anything relating to outdoors and sports
  7. I am a problem-solver and enjoy overcoming challenges to reach my objectives
  8. My main goal right now is twofolds:
    1. to advocate for stable and better business environment through effective advocacy and cooperation with Government of Mongolia and to promote business and investments in Mongolia through exchange of knowledge and information as well as effective networking/connections for our members.
    2. driving positive change for people in the community and the world through being entrepreneur again.

Some interesting ways to spell Mergen Chuluun:

I’ve had people call me or try to spell my name in many different ways.  Here are some notable ones:

  • Megan – this was in junior high in 8th grade.  For PE class, I was assigned to the girls locker room (I don’t think I minded).  I still get telemarketers and people who act hasty in their emails, write my name as Megan.  This is not cool.
  • Mergan – I give this one the benefit of the doubt mostly because everyone, well at least most of the Americans that I met, at some point has spelled my name as such
  • Morgan – this is a classic one; some people still call me Morgan to this day
  • Merigan – one Arabic childhood friend calls me that
  • Merlin – nickname given to me by some; the interesting thing is that there actually is a lot of congruency for this name.  My name Mergen in Mongolian has two meanings: a) adjective describing sharp-shooters like Robin Hood and b) adjective describing wise or sage person.  And, both Merlin and Mergen are such people.  😉
  • Morgan Chileaun – I don’t remember where I got this one, but I did.  It was quite funny.  hehe
  • Merg Dawg or Merg Dog – I guess I used to be cool at some point in my life.  I was “in” with the crowd.

Contact info

Anyway, feel free to reach me with any series and interesting offers/information.  My contact details are here

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. mash taalagdaj baina.
    Blog-iig urgeljluulen unshmaar baina. medeelel ihtei um baina.
    chi bas uuriin bichih mash chuluutei style-tai um baina gej bodloo.

    plz care about Mongolia. and DO & GO for it.


  2. hehe. @Altai, thanks for the comment bro! It was quite funny to see on my locker room assignment that it said girls locker room. I don’t think a teenage boy could have asked any better first day of school present. hehe

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