Airmarket, an Airline Ticket Booking Agency, Opens a New Location in Ulaanbaatar

Airmarket, an airline flight ticket booking agency in Mongolia, opened a new location today in the country’s capital city Ulaanbaatar (UB).  The new location sits right across from State Department store on the south side of Peace Avenue.  I ran across the grand opening on the way to work this morning at around 9am.  Here are some photos of the grand opening.

Airmarket's newest location
Airmarket's newest location

Airmarket’s newest location opened quietly without too much fanfare.  The few reporters and few folks standing outside on my way to work is what caught my eyes.  I will note that the final touches of the remodeling must have been done very quickly with a good portion being completed throughout the night. I don’t recall seeing any signs or the interior being this close to being completion even as soon as yesterday.  In any case, this location used to be one of the many local cafes, I believe.

Here is the link to Airmarket’s company website.  Please note that it seems majority of content is in Mongolian language even when you are in the English section.

ps: In a rush to get to work, I didn’t interview any of the folks.  For my future blog posts, I will make sure that I interview some people so that I can have a little bit more juicy story you.

UPDATE: I just heard from someone that the official grand opening is tomorrow on July 2nd.  Apparently, they are giving away discounts and bunch of other really exciting things to people who book a flight with them tomorrow.  Maybe this explains why there were so few standing outside the new location this morning.

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