Best Basketball Comment Ever!

I ran across this comment while reading the news about the Allen Iverson going to Memphis Grizzlies.  It was posted by numba333.  I guess this answers any questions whether AI will fit into the Memphis Grizzlies system and whether this revives his career, etc.  hehe

Without further due, here is the comment:

Mayo dribbles up the court, looking for his shot…..STOLEN by Allen Iverson. What the heck? Mayo is guarding AI. Iverson looking for his shot. Can’t get it off. Randolph screaming for the ball. STRIPPED by Gay!!!! Gay goes up for the shot. BLOCKED by Randolph. Randolph for layup, misses, rebound, misses, rebound, misses, rebound, misses, rebound….Mayo leaps takes the ball away, dribbles it out, doubleteamed by Gay and AI. Nets just standing around watching in disbelief.

Marc Gasol is drinking a Gatorade…..this is embarassing……

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