“China Does Not Have Any Suitable Men For Me” – Says a Chinese Girl

Asian girl with glass of wine

This is actually a really interesting post.  It is a writing by a girl talking about:

  1. How important marriage is
  2. Why she wants to marry a western person
  3. The better living situations, better conditions in the Western world, etc.

So you ask, what is wrong with that?  Well, here are a few of her excerpts:

  • “China does not have any men suitable for me”
  • “I want to have a huge living room, big enough to be like a small salon… Even the bathroom must be big enough to fit in a large bathtub…
  • “The Western world I have seen in television and movies is simply like heaven”
  • “Western boys are all very excellent… Ever since I was small, I liked watching Western movies, such as Roman Holiday or Gone with the Wind…”

Anyway, without further due, I think you should read her excerpt yourself.  It is very eye-opening to what actually goes on in the heads of girls like her, who flock to guys with money or power.  Very interesting.

Read in full at ChinaSmack.com.

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