George Sheridan Was an Amazing Man – Let’s All Learn to Love, Give, and Understand Like Him

This morning, I received a very unfortunate news about a dear friend who has recently passed away.  I share this news with you because there is something really amazing about him.  Even after he passed away, he still loves others and he still gives others.  He gave away his organs so that others could live.  He has created a fund at his church to help continue his efforts in Mongolia.  This is really truly remarkable.

I am little bit surprised to hear the news because he was a healthy and energetic person.  He went back to US to be with family, I was told.  It is entirely possible that he wasn’t feeling well and/or even knew that his time was limited.  He really wanted to help others, and you could see it in his eyes and in the way he gave his attention and time.

I am very happy to have met someone so wonderful.  Religious differences aside, I know his spirit and/or energy will continue on, and that is a very good thing.  I truly wish him and his family, friends, and loved ones the best.

Below is his obituary that I received via email today.  Let’s all pray for him and his loved ones.  Let’s also pray that all of us will develop the compassion, love, and understanding for each other in the way that George loved us.


George J. Sheridan, 68, died on June 16, 2011. George was an active advocate for equality, justice and health. He was a social worker who faithfully served his community, including those who suffered from HIV/AIDS, inmates, addicts and veterans. George’s burgeoning devotion to provide support to the afflicted and unrepresented brought him around the globe. In Honduras, he dispensed medical and relief aid. George administered food distribution and support to Cambodian refugees in Thailand. He traveled to Pakistan to help at-risk women, children and addicts. George recently returned from a two-year trip to Mongolia where he advanced hospital standards and secured much-needed medical supplies.

George also contributed as a pastor at the First Baptist Church in Morristown, NJ and the Westchester Baptist Church in NY.

George’s spirit of compassion, truth and intrinsic goodness will continue to be cultivated in the hearts of the many he’s inspired. He leaves behind a large loving family as well as a multitude of ardent and cherished friends too many to name here. He is survived by his sister, Ann, and his brothers and sisters-in-law: Richard and Evelyn “Babe”, James and Janet, and Joseph and Margaret,

Even after death, George continues to give. He has donated his organs and tissue to help others live fuller and more productive lives.

George’s funeral service will be held at the First Baptist Church of Westfield (170 Elm St., Westfield, NJ) on Tuesday, June 21 at 10:00. The burial will follow at Saint Gertrude’s Cemetery (53 Inman Avenue, Colonia, NJ).

In lieu of flowers, donations are being accepted to foster the continuance of George’s work with the VSO in Mongolia. Please forward any contributions made out to the First Baptist Church Morristown, 51 Washington Street, Morristown, NJ 07960 with the memo filled out as “Mongolia Fund”.

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One thought on “George Sheridan Was an Amazing Man – Let’s All Learn to Love, Give, and Understand Like Him”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Mergen.

    I too knew George and I was only able to see him once after his return home from Mongolia. It seems he had a long list of people he wanted to see, or they wanted to see him, so it kept him busy. I was so excited with his return back to America that he couldn’t understand it. That’s how special he was that he didn’t even acknowledge it. He was just a pleasure to be around and you could have the most delightful conversations with him. George, I will miss the bike rides, apple picking and how you would break into song. But most of all, I will miss you.

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