How To Enable Avast Active Scan Protection

Late last night, while trying to tweak the hard drive partitioning on my notebook, I turned off Avast’s On-Access Scanner, the  program’s active scan protections against viruses, malware, and hack attempts.  Turning it back on turned out to be a much harder task than anticipated and it took me a while to figure it out.  However, let me first give you the answer for those who are looking for the quick answer.

This is what you need to do:

Try a repair of Avast = Start/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/ Select Avast /Change Remove/ scroll down to repair and select Repair.
You must be online for repair to work/ Reboot
You could also check if your OS is windows XP that the Avast Services are running

My little quest to find the solution

Starting the Avast program did not do the trick.  Once the Avast program started, there were no options to restart, or turn back on, the active-scan protection.  Searching for how to restart it proved not so easy as well.

I tried searching online for answers with the following keywords with no success:

  • “how to turn it back on avast active scan”
  • “how to turn on avast active scan”
  • “turn on avast active scan”
  • “restart avast active scan”

Finally, when I tried restarting the program again, I by chance saw that Avast names its active scan protection as “resident protection”.  “A HA!!”, I thought and searched for “enable resident protection”.

I got the answer from Avast Forum.

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