Miss Mongolia 2008 Khulangoo – Nicer in Person

Khulangoo Ochgerel, Miss Mongolia 2008

Last night at a bar in Mongolia, I met a young lady.  She was nice looking, but I was more impressed with her well-mannerism and thoughtfulness.  So, I did what any single guy would do: ask her out. 

Well, it turned out that she was Miss Mongolia and that she had just earned the title last fall in 2008.  Of course, being me, I did not immediately recognize that.  She just looked very familiar.  I even asked her if she had an older sister at one point.  hehe

Anyway, before I took off, I went up to the table and asked her if she had a boyfriend.  She said she did and that they have been together for a while, and so on.

I would note again that I was quite impressed with her polite and humble communication style.  Most other models, let’s just say, are less than encouraging in those areas.  In case there might be someone looking to work with Mongolian models reading this post, I will briefly introduce her.

About O. Khulangoo, Miss Mongolia 2008

Ms. Khulangoo is a model at Shilmel Zagvar, one of the top modeling agencies in Mongolia.   The company also designs and makes expensive designer clothing.

Interestingly, Shilmel Zagvar has been working with  TANHIL.mn, a website we own and manage for the teenage girl demographic in Mongolia.

Here are some quick statistics on Khulangoo:

  • Full Name: Khulangoo Ochgerel (Ochgerel is her father’s name)
  • Born on June 29, 1988
  • Weight: 54kg = 120lbs
  • Height: 176cm = 5’9″
  • Proportion: 84-61-90 = 33-24-35

Since she is a model, I tried to find some photos for you.  Please note that all copyrights and reservations belong to those who own the material.  The photos were taken from GoGo.mn, FactNews.mn, Tulhuur.com, and DayLife.com.

Khulangoo Photos:

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3 thoughts on “Miss Mongolia 2008 Khulangoo – Nicer in Person”

  1. Based on the feedbacks I received, I have updated my post. I think I was not clear enough in portraying my message correctly.

    This is my first ever public post of reflection into my life. Please do let me know if I can better blog in one way or another. This is sort of an interesting experiment for me.

    The thing to note about Mongolia is that it is such a small country that literally EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE ELSE here. People ask who your father is and then they know who you are.

    As a result, I might more often post about interesting people that I have met in Mongolia.


  2. Hi Mergen,

    Interesting post. Thanks for the interesting article. Hawaii has the 2 degrees of separation. You either know someone that knows them or know them, but didn’t know you did. We give my daughter’s friend from school a ride home on occasion. His aunt is my next door neighbor, it turns out. You probably get a lot of that too. Highly entertaining.


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