My Sidebar Widgets Disappeared from My WordPress Blog – How To Fix It

Just this morning, I noticed that my sidebar had disappeared from my WordPress blog.  My research yielded solutions that were, in my mind, not the easiest for most people to understand and easily follow.  As such, I thought I would write something that is very easy to follow for vast majority of us bloggers who are not programmers or web designers.  The solution turns out is very easy.   And, hopefully this post will save you a couple of minutes or half an hour or so.

Sidebar widgets not visible
Sidebar widgets not visible

Why your sidebar widgets disappeared

I did a research online and found out that this has to do with using “<” and “>” within the blog posts.  It essentially creates a div tag at the top without closing it with a “</div>” tag.  This makes your sidebar widgets will seemingly disappear, but actually will be at the very bottom of your home page.  This happened to me on this very blog which is WordPress CMS version 2.7.1 as of the date when this post was published.

How to make your sidebar widgets appear again

How to make your sidebar visible again
How to make your sidebar visible again
  1. Find the post(s) in which you have used “<” or “>” marks
  2. Go into Edit Post for that/those post(s)
  3. Hit HTML
  4. Look for “<div> tags”.  You might see something like this at the top: “<div class=”mceTemp mceIEcenter”>”.  Remove it.
  5. Update post.  Issue should be gone now.

EDIT: Make sure to remove </div> tags too!  I had actually forgotten to remove this and the issue showed up later.  So much for writing a guide.  lol.  “Don’t do what I do; do what I say”  😉

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6 thoughts on “My Sidebar Widgets Disappeared from My WordPress Blog – How To Fix It”

  1. Thank you so much or taking the time to post this.

    It happened to me and the problem turned out to be very surprising. I had two blockquote paragraphs abutting each other with no text separating them.

    Thanks again.

  2. Dear Mergen,

    I am considering a job in Ulaan Bataar right now. I will get $2,700 a month.
    How expensive are apartments in Ulaan Bataar. A bedsit/studion would do me.
    I am working in Korea as a lecturer, the post in Mongolis would be the same thing with Raffles Education.

    Hope you can help,
    John Rodger

  3. @John you should most definitely take the job! Mongolia will be an amazing experience especially if you immerse yourself in the culture and make some great Mongolian friends. You can find fully furnished very nice studio and 1BR apartment right smack downtown for $300-500/mo. Feel free to send me an email if you need anything. My email can be seen on my twitter account at BTW, how did you find my blog?

  4. Excuse me, I didn’t find any or s in my posts, and I really need my sidebar back…. any way we could do a chat on MSN or facebook, so you could walk me through it?
    Desperately need help. Thanks.

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