My Specialty

If you would like to book me for a talk with your executive team, I would suggest my more recent expertise: growth tools, management/leadership lessons from Peter Drucker, and personal development.

My biggest skills that I can offer to contribute for success of others are:

  • Knowledge of growth tools and management systems to help companies grow and scale
  • Network of contacts worldwide that can be leveraged to help companies grow and scale
  • Ideas and tools for developing oneself

Throughout the years, I built variety of expertise from a wide variety of experiences, from doing plyometrics training to learn to dunk though not tall (I’m 5’10), scoring 97th on GMAT, organizing biggest executive event in recent history in Mongolia, etc.

In the past, I have given talks at international conferences and conducted workshops on following topics:

  • Exponential Strategy LAB + Workshop
  • Growth Tools to Grow Your Business 10x or More!
  • Management Lessons from Peter Drucker
  • Sales Management
  • Personal Development (Ignite Your Networking to Discover & to Realize Your Passions)
  • Innovation & startups
  • Internet Marketing (Inbound Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Podcasting, Social Media, etc)

I also used specific tools and techniques for jumping higher and being able to dunk a basketball despite not being particularly tall. Similarly, I also trained and learned my way to achieving 97th percentile on my GMAT score. I also used to do some pretty nifty financial analysis to improve profitability of my employers in my past.

If you have specific needs in mind, welcome to reach out to me. I can see if I can help you or know someone else who can assist you better.