Nuggets Just Destroyed the Hornets – Denver wins by 58!

One photo says it all (AP Photo/Bill Haber/
One photo says it all (AP Photo/Bill Haber/

Did you watch the game?

I watched it on  ESPN and Star Sports were showing baseball and soccer, so this was the only place I could watch the game from Mongolia.  Every 3-4 sec the screen froze for a 1-2 sec, but it still was wonderful to watch the third Nuggets game and the first Nuggets playoff game in the last two years.  Just hearing the announcers and other people talk about the Nuggets was exciting.

Anyway, this game was just unbelievable.  I mean, I was just completely at loss for words.  WOW. 

Hornets are done.

Even the announcers were calling it done.  It was just incredible.  I mean how can these players stand getting beat like that?  I cannot even picture myself in Hornets’ shoes.  Though stuff.

I never though the Nuggets could bottle up CP3 like they did.

Of course, Kmart shut down D West, but that was not totally unexpected.  This has got to be one of THE MOST demoralizing losses ever for the Hornets.  They are going to come out to play in Denver… at least for the first one and a halft quarters.  If we can withstand it and get up on them by 20, they are done.  They are going to be so demoralized, they might not even show up in the second half of the game 5.

Watching the facial expressions of Coach Byron and the players just said it all.  Coach Byron went from very upset to HUGELY disappointed to trying to already forget this one all in the same game.

Coach Byron During the Historic Defeat
Coach Byron During the Historic Defeat (AP Photo/Bill Haber/

The Nuggets were up 60 points at one point and the game was not even over.  The Hornets and their fans just could not wait for this grueling and painful-to-watch game to finish any sooner.


I mean forget about the Hornets and their players and fans being in shock.  I AM in shock!  I am still completely in awe… after nearly four hours since the game ended.  It’s still unbelievable that a team with an MVP candidate being obliterated in the playoffs at home.  WOW

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