Only in Mongolia Photography Exhibition by Chris DeBruyen

What: A photography exhibition about Mongolia taken by an American over the past two years. A silent auction of the artwork will benefit local charity organizations.   (I should note somewhere that there were some very tasty airag, aaruul, and unexpectedly good Mongolian cheese at the opening ceremony)

Who: Chris DeBruyn, Photographer/Peace Corps Volunteer
Where: Xanadu Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
When: June 18, 6 p.m. (Opening Event) – June 23 (Closing day)
Price: free entry

Some photos from the Opening Ceremony

Chris DeBruyen with US Ambassador Mark Minton
Chris DeBruyen with US Ambassador Mark Minton

Chris DeBruyen at his first photography exhibition in Mongolia
Chris DeBruyen at his first photography exhibition in Mongolia
Chris DeBruyen before the ribbon cutting
Chris DeBruyen before the ribbon cutting
Chris DeBruyen cutting the ribbon
Chris DeBruyen cutting the ribbon

About “Only in Mongolia” Photography Exhibition

Mongolians will have the opportunity to see new pictures of their culture when the Only in Mongolia photography exhibit comes to Ulaanbaatar.

Entry to Only in Mongolia is free but will include the opportunity to bid in a silent auction for each of the photos displayed. On the 23rd, the highest bids will be revealed and the photographs will be given to the winners. The money will be donated to charity organizations including Friends of Mongolia and the Mongolian Education Alliance. The organizations will use the funds for local education and other philanthropic causes.

“This exhibition will be something for Mongolians to go to because all the photos are taken from a perspective of a foreigner who has lived and done his best to integrate in the community for two years.” said DeBruyn. “It’s an interesting opportunity,” Debruyn continued, “to experience my culture, through how I experience their culture, through the camera.”

About Chris DeBruyn

Chris DeBruyn, a Peace Corps Volunteer, has lived in Mongolia for two years in Selenge aimag, Ulaanbaatar, and Darkhan. Only in Mongolia will be his first major exhibition. It was displayed at the Oyuni Ireedui Complex in Darkhan from June 5th to June 9th.

DeBruyn grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and attended Michigan State University. He has had a lifelong connection with art, including sculpting and painting.

It was Mongolia though that brought him to fully embrace artistic photography. Over the past two years DeBruyn has experienced, and documented, many of the unique cultural traditions in Mongolia, including: traditional eagle wrestling, writing traditional Mongolian script, riding horses, wearing traditional clothing, eating local food, and attending national celebrations and ceremonies.

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