Peace Avenue To Be Closed Starting Tonight – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA – Starting tonight at 24:00 clock, Peace Avenue will be closed in portions for construction from West 4-way intersection (baruun durvun zam) to East 4-way intersection (zuun durvun zam).  The purpose of the construction project is to expand Peace Avenue and to add underground pedestrian crossing in an area near a hospital named “Iontsei”.

The first part of the project will involve section of Peace Avenue from West 4-way to State Department store and will take roughly 15 days to complete.  The section of the road from Mongolian State University of Education to the Wrestlers Palace is expected to take 28 days to complete.

FYI: Peace Avenue is the main road connecting Ulaanbaatar and is the longest stretch of road in the city.  It runs West to East.

About the Road Construction Project

This road construction project has been approved for this year’s budget at three billion tugrugs, equal to little more than 2 million USD.  Current exchange rate is running at 1456 tugrugs (a.k.a. tugrik) to one US dollar.

The western portion of the road construction will be completed by “KTK” and “Tugs Zam” companies, while the eastern portion of the road construction will be completed by “Yalguulsan” and “Urgun Gobi” companies.  Ulaanbaatar City Roads and Transportation Authority and Standards Oversight Authority (please correct me if I do not have the correct English wording for these governmental agencies; either I could not find their website or their websites did not have English language).

As a result of the construction activities, there have been changes made to 32 distribution routes and 370 bus routes.

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