Rams for Life – Online Community Idea for Colorado State University (CSU) Alumni

Go CSU Rams
Go CSU Rams

For a few months now, I have been thinking of the need to have or the value of having an online community for the Colorado State University (CSU) alumni.  Maybe we will call it something like Rams for Life.   In any case, I want to know YOUR thoughts on this.

The idea is essentially to allow for people to post jobs, find jobs, share ideas, and create a medium to for alumni of CSU to connect and to encourage each other.  I think there are many different platforms out there, but I don’t think there is one that REALLY DOES THIS to the full extent.

Below is a copy of an email that I sent to some of my friends who studied at CSU.  Please take a look and share your ideas with us.


Do you see a value in having an online RAMS community on the web?

A few other people in the past pointed out that it would be great to have a site with news and information regarding CSU and CSU alumni, but more importantly connecting all of the RAM alumni online where we could post jobs, create groups with each other, and maybe also have profiles.

I know there are resources out there that do this to some level – CSU website, CSU alumni website, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, but I don’t know if there is any single one site that encourage and foster stronger community where ideas can be shared and encouraged and where maybe businesses and folks can help each other succeed.

What are your thoughts on something like this?  Traci, does CSU already have plans to do something like this in-house?  I just think that, in this day and age, success really comes from people coming together for a common purpose and that having a platform where we can encourage CSU alumni to come together might be something REALLY useful in helping the alumni be even more successful.

As an entrepreneur, I am realizing more and more that I really cannot do everything.  For me to be successful, I need to reach more people (help more people, connect/share with more people) to have better chance to succeed.  Even ideas are better honed through discussions.  Personally, I am in the process of creating a mastermind group in Mongolia with other entrepreneurs with similar mindset where we can help each other succeed.

I think something like this should be encouraged and made available as much as possible for others as well.  I am thinking that my fellow CSU alumni could benefit from this as each of have needs – whether it is finding a new job, hiring the right person, growing our businesses, creating better proposals, improving scientific research, and more.

What does everyone think?  Let’s get the discussions rolling.

What are your thoughts on creating such an online community for the CSU alumni?

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6 thoughts on “Rams for Life – Online Community Idea for Colorado State University (CSU) Alumni”

  1. I love this idea, but I wonder if it is reinventing the wheel a bit. I have so many profiles, on so many networks and I think its hard to keep track of them and foster strong relationships on them all.

    I end up focusing on the big three Facebook, Twitter, Linked In. As a web marketer I feel it is usually in your best interest to go where people already are instead of asking them to become invested in something new. Are there ways to use existing networks that are not being utilized? I think there has been a lot of growth recently among the CSU Alumnae groups on those networks and there is still room for development there before starting completely fresh.

  2. @anne thank you so much for the feedback and the twitter retweet.

    I’ve thought about all the profiles people already have online at all these other places. I don’t think we want to duplicate the efforts. Maybe we can offer a simple way to pull the existing profile information from either or both LinkedIn and Facebook.

    I think both LinkedIn groups and Facebook fan pages are missing things – They either do not have enough mass or they do not allow for job postings (for both job seekers and employers alike). And, CSU Alumni website does not offer these things to its full extent either. Maybe the CSU Alumni page could add those functionality and that might just solve the issue.

    Then again, maybe us alumni are the ones that could create the ultimate platform that unites us and really provide value. I am real curious to hear from others as well as CSU Alumni Association and its chapters located around the country/world.

    Please pass along the link so that we can have real great discussion here. Thanks!!

  3. I agree with Anne. I love Linkedin, so if there is a way to have the group part of that, then I’m in. – Thanks, Mike

  4. @michael ok, thanks for the feedback.

    btw, do you have any needs to connect with other CSU alumni that you cannot fill through LinkedIn or other platforms?

  5. I saw your post on Twitter and thought you might be interested in what we have to offer.

    Regroup.com is an enterprise communications platform that integrates Twitter + Facebook + LinkedIn + Email + SMS + RSS + much more. We also have an integration with old-fashioned list management tools such as listserv, mailman, majordomo, etc., that will provide a robust and easy user-interface onto those products, making them infinitely more searchable, browsable (through threaded topic pages), and more.

    You can reach us anytime through our site: regroup.com


  6. @michaele Yeah, I saw the site. It looks interesting. I’ve forwarded it to CSU Alumni office. I think they are already tired of spending a ton of time and money on things that don’t quite work.

    BTW, on the site, it said that regroup.com was founded at Stanford. What kind of penetration rate do you have on Stanford alumni? For example, CSU Alumni Association has about 2.66% penetration of registered users on the alumni website (4,500 out of 169,000 alumni).

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