Robotic Future a Reality, Today?

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We have all seen movies like The Matrix, Star Wars, I Robot, and Short Circuit that feature robots that can think and feel like humans or having robotic arms and legs.  These movies generally go in the Sci-Fi categories, but should they?

We used to think these were things that were going to happen in the future, but it is already happening.

We already have robots that can form societies (both good AND evil).  This story is really incredible.  Some of the robots take the malicious route of lying in order to have access to the food (recharging) to themselves.  Some of course take the higher road and warn other to not approach dangerous areas… Simply incredible that robots can form societies.  These robots learn what is food and what areas are dangerous.  And, they also make their own behavioral judgments.

Then, we also have robots that show human emotion.  This is supposed to be THE THING that separates a human from a robot.  This is definitely WAY beyond those robot dogs and pets from a decade ago.  These robots LEARN and MIMIC human facial expressions.

If robots can feel and form societies, how are we, humans, really different from robots?

And, consider this: A team of scientists from Sweden and Italy have been able to make a robotic hand that can feel.

We already know about pig hearts and whatever else out there. I think all the Japanimations, or those futuristic Japanese animes, have got it right.  Within the next twenty or thirty years, it is very possible that we have robots with feelings running around and humans with all robotic replacement parts.  After all, all of this is already happening.

I think this could be either really exciting and interesting, or just freaking plain weird and freaky.  What’s your take?

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