Sexy and Talented – Mongolian Musicians Play Traditional Songs with Fiddle Instruments

Sexy Mongolian musicians showing off their musical skills

Last Friday at the Steppe Inne of British Embassy, three very talented and good looking Mongolian young ladies played some great music.

Everyone was impressed with, not just their presentation, but their music skills as well. When they first walked in, the women in attendance greeted the musicians with “oohs” and “aah”.  I don’t believe any of us really were ready for the well dressed women to walk in…  I do know this though: their musical skills were really quite good.

Check out the video below:

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  1. i just want to say that i love u mongolian people and Great ChanGEZ kHan Im from afghanistan and etnicly Hazara that acoording history we all are the sons off great changez khan, and im very proud of him and love him. now im living in Norwy. and longe life to my Mongolain brothers.

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