Why Can’t Leadership Be Quantified?

They say that leadership can’t be quantified.

They are managers, coaches, supervisors, team leaders, employees, employers, the media…

But, why not?  Why can’t leadership be quantified?

Many of us do already know many of the qualities that make a good leader.  Couldn’t we then just create a list of those qualities, assign weighting to those qualities, and then give scores points on those qualities to gain a leadership score?

Now, that I think of it, aren’t there many tools and scores out there that do exactly this?

Then, why is there a perception that leadership is hard to quantify?  Bill Belichik, the head coach of a National Football League team New England Patriots, refers to this problem when speaking about possible leadership void at the team.  Does this mean that the NFL is not doing a good job of profiling and scoring individuals on a leadership scoreboard?

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