Reduce Gmail Inbox Size – Request to Remove Email Attachments

Today, I requested a new feature for Gmail.  This is the ability to strip or remove email attachments.

Doing so could prevent our inboxes from filling up or using heavy percentage of inbox capacity.  This could also be beneficial in freeing up Google servers.

Probably many of used to do the same in Outlook to manage our inbox size under control.  I used to strip out attachments in my emails to keep my mail size down.  Why not do the same in Gmail?

Maybe I am just being nostalgic or stuck in the past with my habits.  I am nowhere close to my full usage, but I do frequently get emails as large as 10-20MB.

How does everyone feel about this?

If you agree with my thoughts, please feel free to visit the new Google groups which I just created to request the feature from Google Labs.

* Group name: Remove email attachments
* Group home page: