Weekend Adventures with Digging Holes and Grazing Horses

This past weekend, I went to Selenge Soum in Tuv Aimag, just about 40-50km outside of Ulaanbaatar. I got to do a little bit of manual labor (digging holes for fence posts and pulling fence posts). I also got to ride a horse and to meet with locals there. It was very relaxing weekend. I had great food, awesome company, and a very good time.

BTW, this post is for all my friends and family back in US. I just want to let everyone know that I am doing OK. I miss everyone a ton. And, I wanted to just share a piece of my life with you. Hopefully, we will all meet again very soon when I visit the States.

Without further due, here are two videos from my trip to the countryside this weekend. First is the video showing me digging holes instead of horseback riding. The second shows my horse grazing around me as I lay down and relax on top of the mountain my horse and I just climbed.