Luck Happens! But You Gotta Have Effort

Someone famous was quoted with saying something like, “If someone ever was successful, he/she had some luck on the way”. And, if a successful person doesn’t admit luck, he or she is either lying or is a statistical outlier.  🙂

I am not a motivational speaker or someone highly successful, but I have achieved some minor successes and are on the way to doing even better in the future IMHO (in my humble opinion).  And, I cannot agree more that luck is a HUGE part of someone’s success and that luck IS created, or at least the opportunity for luck is created. Getting a good client just when business cash flows are looking super tight, meeting someone great, or even coming up with great ideas are all possible if you (or me in those examples hehe) are out there working towards your life goals.

Now, I don’t mean to allude that everyone should be super motivated about career, business, and financial success.  What I meant by “working towards YOUR life goals” is that you are working toward what YOU want in YOUR life and type of lifestyle that YOU want to live.  For example, if someone wants to be a teacher and is incredibly happy doing that, THAT, to me, is success.

And, let’s tie this example into the topic at hand: luck. For that someone to find the ideal teaching position and environment, there are going to be many factors.  However, if that someone is going around and talking to people and putting in some effort to get the appropriate degrees and licenses, the chances are MUCH greater that someone will find that ideal teaching position.

Now, it’s your turn!  Let’s hear it from you.  What’s your thought on luck, fate, or whatever you call it?  Do you believe in luck?  How has it been helpful to you?  Please share your thoughts.

Hope you have found something you enjoy doing.  And, I wish you many good wishes and luck! 😉

PS: This post was written 2AM at night after my basketball practice ended late and I could not sleep.  I did not edit the post one bit, so please use caution and excuse me if I sound a bit difficult to understand in any way.  CHEERS!