Mongolia ON the Map!

While talking to a friend today, I visited Google Maps, a function within Google that I used to use back when I was in US daily.  I had stopped using it in Mongolia because there really is not much to show for… But guess what I found?!

Mongolia IS on the Map!

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia map on Google
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia map on Google

I could not believe it, but I am very happy about this.  Finding places is always a pain, especially for tourists, foreigners, and Mongolians like me who don’t always know where everything is located.  The thing is… in Mongolia, people don’t use street names.  No one knows street names here.  Everyone goes by places… as in where something is located next to some place that people know.  Often, those places don’t even exist anymore, but the name remained.

In any case, the Google Maps has the names of places on the map.  How cool is that?

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