Ignite Your Networking to Discover & to Fulfill Your Dreams

On Saturday, October 8th, 2016, I gave a talk at GlenX Success Summit 2016 on the power of networking and how we can discover and fulfill our dreams through networking.

Thanks to the media team, you can view my presentation online here. My talk begins at 59:00 mark.

PS: Make sure to listen to amazing talk by Jim Calaway, about his donations to Colorado Mountain College and 16 other non-profit organizations as well as about the four big hits (i.e. successes) Jim had to have incredible success in business before becoming a major philanthropist. Talk about Jim Calaway and his talk begins at 1:28 mark.

Recognition for My Presentation at AIESEC Mongolia’s Business Event 2011

Yesterday, I gave a presentation at Mongolia University of Science and Technology (MUST) to aspiring college students at AIESEC Mongolia’s “Business Event 2011”.  In return, I got a nice little certificate, which I am proud to put up on my office window.

AIESEC Mongolia Business Event 2011 support recognition
AIESEC Mongolia Business Event 2011 support recognition

I will add that I was very happy to have a captive and interested audience. I was happy to have many interesting questions. Hopefully, I was able to share some useful thoughts to my guests.

BTW, the topic of my presentation of “Using technology for personal development”. I used the same presentation slides that I used at Tavan Bogd group, when I did a training of the executives at the company. However, this time, my presentation was in Mongolian language and I tried to tailor my messages to the young and hopeful crowd as much as possible.

This was my second event with AIESEC.  In February, I did an Entrepreneurship workshop at their National Leadership Training weekend.