Fourth of July in Mongolia

On Fourth of July, 2009, America’s 233rd Independence Day celebration took place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  The event took place at the Star Apartments in the Embassy district from noon to 4pm and was open to Americans and locals alike.  The cover was 7,000 tugrugs (aka tugriks), which equate to about five US dollars.  Locals and non-Americans also had to have an American friend or acquintance in order to enter and enjoy the American Independence Day celebrations.  The cover included two drinks and a fair-style menu that consisted of bratwurst or burger with side potato salad and pork ‘n beans.  There were heavy dose of security around the perimeter.

Shortly after purchasing the ticket and walking in with an American friend (if you/visitor were not an American) and navigating through the secure pathway to enter the mini park / community lawn of the Star Apartments, the visitor was greeted with an “All-American” muscle car that is the Carol Shelby Ford Mustang.  I must say that it did look quite nice.

Carol Shelby Ford Mustang - can't more american than that!
Carol Shelby Ford Mustang - can't get any more american than that!

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