Spring in Mongolia – What’s the Weather Like in Mongolia?

On a sunny morning on Tuesday, May 5th 2009, I noticed some green leaves on trees for the first time this year.  Finally, Ulaanbaatar is seeing vegetation and green for the first time since fall.  Winter is usually filled with white, brown, and grey colors.  And, early part of spring is usually filled with brown, the color of dirt.  Needless to say dirt is everywhere

Then on Saturday May 9th, it is snowing…

The dust storms this year have been few and far between.  Thank you the gods of weather!

NOTE: This was in my draft folder for at least four months now.  I have to publish it now.  Otherwise, I should just delete it.  If you are interested, I will post more information next Spring.  Cheers!

Rains and Hailstorm in Mongolia in Summer of 2009

Lately, it has been raining nearly every day here in Mongolia.  And, it has been pouring.

Throughout history, Mongolians are known to have worshiped the eternal blue sky during times of the great Chinggis Khaan (often known as Genghis Khan) and before/after that.  Maybe we have maddened the skies, but it has been opened as it’s just been pouring.

The rains of July 17, 2009

This rain was highly destructive.  29 people died from the ensuing floods. Eleven were from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.  More than 130 families have been displaced from their homes as their gers (traditional Mongolian yurts) were washed away in the floods.

This was a very sad day, but I hope we, Mongolians, will learn from this.  I hope we will learn to respect our mother nature and re-learn and re-live at least some of our past traditions.  I hope we will not be cutting down trees so much.  If we do, at least plant trees for every tree cut.  It seems that the international industry wide practice that is used in the lumber and wood industry worldwide is to plant two baby trees per every tree cut.  I hope that we will not be throwing all of our trash everywhere.  I hope that we will respect our waters and rivers and do our best to keep them clean and running freely.  I hope that we will not be building our gers and homes in the flood plains or near the river basin.

There also was another damage that I should mention: the collapsed bridge in Zaisan.

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