The difference between winning and whining is only two letters

I have moved the page “/about/my-quotes” to “/category/quotes-mantras”.  Instead of adding everything into one page, I am now going to write a blog post for each of my mantras individually.  This is a repost of a page that was published originally in June.  I am going to backdate this.

“The difference between winning and whining is only two letters” – March 2009

I started to say this back in March when things were looking bleak.  US stocks had not seen its surge.  Mongolian travel and investor seasons had not started, and there still were hundreds of unfinished large construction projects here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Long story short, I read somewhere that many of the current Fortune 500 companies were founded during economic downturns.  This really inspired me to want to emulate that.  My thought was this:

If we can be profitable and grow during the downturn, we can be profitable and grow during any economic period.  So, let’s do it.  Let’s stop the complaining and let’s start winning.

“Win big or go home” – June 2009

As I fought to keep my company afloat and running smoothly, I new set of thoughts really came to take over my thoughts: “WIN BIG or GO HOME”.  The thought behind is simply this:

As a business, there is nowhere to go, but up.  There must be constant progress and improvement.  There must be focus on winning in the given marketplace.  There is no way a company or a business that can survive with a survival mentality.  Companies that just hope to hang on will eventually lose.  This is exactly why, we must focus on winning big or just quit and go home.  If you are not focused on winning, you might as well go home because you are not going anywhere.  So, let’s win and win big.  Let’s think bigger and achieve more!

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